Fabric + Steel

Much more cost-effective over metal structures.

Advantages of Fabric and Steel


Our fabric and steel building systems have a long life, are easy to maintain and refurbish, and are much more cost-effective over metal structures.

The fabric system has a 15-year warranty on frame and skin, an industry leader, and a maintenance program to keep your building in good condition. On-going maintenance of the Vision structure is minimal and easily accomplished by your staff. A metal building with exposed fasteners will experience movement due to loads and typical paint wear, and a metal building warranty is staggered at 10-years with no maintenance programs. The fabric skin will have an anticipated life of 20 years or more with proper care, at which time the building can be re-skinned to look and perform as brand new. Re-skinning a metal building is much more expensive and generally not something easily done. Repainting the metal panels will have mediocre results, unlike re-skinning a fabric system. If a panel of fabric is impacted, it is easily repaired, or if the damage is extensive enough, it can be replaced and will match the existing panels perfectly. If metal is impacted, it will dent and cause permanent damage. Any replacement to a metal building is obvious and likely won’t match in color after the first year due to weather conditions. Fabric systems do not wear under weather; the fabric and its color remains vibrant and rich. Fabric systems can be relocated cost-effectively, keeping your business in operation and generating revenue during the construction process until your temporary or permanent construction is complete. While metal buildings only offer hard metal finish interiors for walls and the ceiling, creating a very loud environment, the Vision structure has a soft interior liner to help deaden sound and make a better work/play environment. For tax purposes. a Vision building can be classified as “equipment” and be subject to an accelerated depreciation schedule (5 years) vs. the typical long-term capital depreciation of the metal building and Lastly, we offer leasing of our buildings for terms up to 5 years. We can also include non-fixed equipment in the lease such as HVAC units, lighting units, doors and ventilation systems.